Waste Management

CloudPass offers waste management centres a full cloud solution that tracks vehicle activity across multiple sites.

We can offer your sites vehicle tracking, unify data across multiple sites, visit counts or a wide range of reports. At CloudPass we have a true cloud solution that will meet all of your requirements.

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We understand the frustrations that come with waste management. CloudPass has solutions out there right now being used by thousands of companies. Bring your sites in to the 21st century to manage the reduction of trade waste across multiple sites and manage your hours of operation.

Whether its vehicle tracking, reporting or sharing data with another site. At CloudPass, we have the solution for you.


We have an extensive range of features. Here are just a few. Get in touch today or book a free demo to see what we can offer you.

Vehicle Tracking

Do you need insight on how many times that vehicle has been to your site? We work with industry leaders and provide them with the data and insight they need to stay at the top of their game.

Shared data across multiple sites

Not only can we give you on-site data, but we can also share that information across multiple sites. Giving you accurate and live data on your CloudPass dashboard. This data can also be shared to relevant council /governments.

Offline Protection

The CloudPass smart controller can continue to queue information and events from site even during internet outages. Giving you peace of mind that your site remains fully operational with no loss of data.

Advanced Analytics

CloudPass reporting suite offers advanced analytics for your site. From seeing your busiest periods to flagging users who overuse your site.

Plus many more features. . .

Managed via


Use your data to provide informative reports that are important to you.

Vehicle Data Report

We provide reports on how your contractors travel to work.

Visit Count

Our time and attendance reports are user friendly and great for sending to payroll.

Company Vehicle Breakdown

Advise contractors when their CSCS card is due to expire when they're checking in.

Car Park Occupancy

Get a full breakdown of who is on site at the click of a button.

Plus many more reports. . .

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