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CloudPass offers data centre sites a range of true cloud-based solutions.

If your data centre is looking for access control, vehicle tracking, added security with two factor authentication access, we offer a true cloud solution.

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At CloudPass we work with you to manage your data centres by controlling access to your site for your staff, partners and customers. Our solution has been designed with ease of use in mind to provide seamless integration into your data centre. Our platform is built with security and scalability at the heart, to support a single site through to enterprise multi-site deployments.


We have an extensive range of features. Here are just a few. Get in touch today or book a free demo to see what we can offer you.


Pre Enrolment

With our pre-enrolment solution we make life easier with a one time enrolment which is then distributed to your chosen sites. You will also save time by allowing the end-user to complete the enrolment themselves on either a mobile phone, tablet or PC. Users can also view instructions, hoe to guides and health and safety videos prior to going to your data centre.


We work with you to embed our booking forms within your website, which is tailored to look and feel like your own. Using CloudPass Forms, you can check the status of a payment, verify details before approval and approve or decline access. The system is fully customisable to capture any information that you require.


Two Factor Authentication

For increased security, two factor authentication can now be added to your solution. This allows you to request a user to provide multiple verification before being granted access to your site. Examples of this are facial recognition, PIN, card, ANPR or fingerprint.

Vehicle Tracking

Do you need insight on how many times that vehicle has been to your site? We work with industry leaders and provide them with the data and insight they need to stay at the top of their game.


Plus many more features. . .

Managed via


Use your data to provide informative reports that are important to you.


Users on site

We provide a break down who is on site. By company, managers and including first aiders.

Visit Count

Our time and attendance reports are user friendly and great for sending to payroll.

Company Vehicle Breakdown

Advise contractors when their CSCS card is due to expire when they're checking in.

Car Park Occupancy

Get a full breakdown of who is on site at the click of a button.

Plus many more reports. . .

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