Why CloudPass For Construction

One of the many sectors that CloudPass is used is in construction.

CloudPass offers construction sites a wireless solution that tracks workforce activity 24/7.

CloudPass already support some of the biggest names in construction for pre enrolment, online induction, delivery management and a wide range of reports. We are also seen as a green solution by reducing emissions on site and saving installers driving up and down the country to perform updates and run diagnostics. 

So why does a cloud solution stand out verus the traditional 'on-prem' options. Here we highlight just some of they key advantages.


Reduced Upfront Costs

With minimal hardware required on site, CloudPass will save you money on upfront costs with our edge technology. There is no need for servers, laptops and additional hardware. It also means that less can go wrong and reduces the carbon footprint for the site.

Multi Site

One of the main benefits of using the cloud is the functionality of multiple sites reporting in to one central place (dashboard). Whether a single site or 100. All construction sites can feed information in to our dashboard. This allows users of the system to monitor all of their sites remotely, see data and reports across multiple sites at the touch of a button. 


A common question we're asked at CloudPass "Is my data secure?". A great and important question for any business. In short, the answer is yes. The cloud typically saves your data across multiple data centres. This means its safe and supervised. Your data is always encrypted when in transit and at REST (data that has reached a destination and is not being accessed or used). In the unlikely event that a data centre is compromised, your data is replicated to another data centre, resulting in no loss of data.


Have peace of mind that you can scale up or down your operations and storage requirements to suit your needs. This gives you flexibility over hosting on a local server. For example, if you need extra storage, this can be done instantly rather than having to fork out money for an expensive update to your IT infrastructure.

OTA Updates (over the air)

A huge pain point for people not using the cloud is they have to ensure their hardware has the latest software and firmware. This is a manual task that takes time, disrupts other tasks from being done, possibly disables services from working and potentially travel to a location where the hardware is based to perform these updates. OTA updates takes the stress away and completes these changes at a suitable time with zero disruptions.


Key Features

Pre Enrolment

With our pre-enrolment solution we make life easier with a one time enrolment which is then distributed to your chosen sites. You will also save time by allowing the contractor to complete the enrolment themselves on either a mobile phone, tablet or PC.

Time & Attendance

Our time and attendance platform supports you in the day-to-day management of your workforce. This removes the need for clocking-in cards and outdated solutions. We take the pain out of completing time sheets, human error and time theft. Our reporting suite will then give you a thorough breakdown of your staff or contractors time and attendance.

Online Induction

Our online induction allows for a fast, safe and easy way to manage your workforce by ensuring your place of work operates safely. Using our platform, inductions can be your tailored so that relevant information can be captured prior to you arriving on site or place of work. This is also a great way to get key information across to individuals before they arrive. Also, with an integrated test as part of the induction you can be confident that they have viewed and understood your induction.

Delivery Management 

Need to schedule your deliveries? Need to arrange staff or specific equipment to be present on arrival? With our delivery management solutions we take the hassle out of troubles you face.





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