5 benefits of using the cloud

The cloud has become the most efficient, convenient and practical way of storing data. Storing data in the cloud takes away the pain of outdated tasks such as saving data on to a disk that could go pop, lost or stolen or not backed up. Instead data is now remote and importantly, secure. It is also far more accessible via the internet.

Whether its storing photos and music on your phone or subscription services like Netflix, most of the products and services we use every day have moved to the cloud.

There are many pro's of adopting to the cloud. Here we outline just 5 ways using the cloud can benefit you and your business.


A common question we're asked at CloudPass "Is my data secure?". A great and important question for any business. In short, the answer is yes. The cloud typically saves your data across multiple data centres. This means its safe and supervised. Your data is always encrypted when in transit and at REST (data that has reached a destination and is not being accessed or used). In the unlikely event that a data centre is compromised, your data is replicated to another data centre, resulting in no loss of data.


Have peace of mind that you can scale up or down your operations and storage requirements to suit your needs. This gives you flexibility over hosting on a local server. For example, if you need extra storage, this can be done instantly rather than having to fork out money for an expensive update to your IT infrastructure.


Another benefit is the accessibility to the cloud. Simply put, you can access your data from anywhere providing you have internet connectivity. This can be done on your laptop/pc or mobile phone. I'd also suggest using a two factor authentication solution for added security. Once accessed, employees and partners have information at their fingertips and increased functionality no matter where they are.

OTA updates (Over the air)

A huge pain point for people not using the cloud is they have to ensure their hardware has the latest software and firmware. This is a manual task that takes time, disrupts other tasks from being done, possibly disables services from working and potentially travel to a location where the hardware is based to perform these updates. OTA updates takes the stress away and completes these changes at a suitable time with zero disruptions.

Reduced hardware costs

Cost saving is a big benefit when using the cloud. You can make substantial savings on your capital costs as there is no need for hardware, personnel and maintenance. This is covered by your provider. Its also worth noting you are reducing your energy consumption too!

Hopefully you've found this useful. There will be more content on the way. Get in touch if there are areas you'd like to know more about for a future blog.

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